Concerts & DJs 2011
Africa Hitech
(Warp / AU-UK)
18 June | SonarPub | 00:30

The Sound of Tomorrow

Under the alias of Africa Hitech, Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek have defined a common space to explore their shared taste for elastic basses, dancehall riddims, futuristic soul, electro’s more visionary side and the more perverse areas of grime. With the backing of Warp, the duo imagines a musical future in which ancestral tradition and synthesis are difficult to tell apart. Tracks like “The Sound of Tomorrow” are by no means a one-off.

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Saturday 18 | Sonar by Night | SonarPub

mysonar 22:00 :: dj :: Pablo Sánchez (Lovemonk-GAMM/VE)

mysonar 23:30 :: live :: Janelle Monáe (The Wondaland Arts Society/US)

mysonar 00:30 :: live :: Africa Hitech (Warp/AU-UK)

mysonar 01:30 :: live :: Buraka Som Sistema (Fabric/PT)

mysonar 02:30 :: dj :: Mary Anne Hobbs (UK)

mysonar 03:30 :: live :: Paul Kalkbrenner (Paul Kalkbrenner Musik/DE)

mysonar 05:00 :: dj :: James Holden (Border Community/UK)