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SonarSound Tokio: first line up announcement
Sónar 2011 | 16.12.2010

SonarSound Tokyo
ageHa - Studio Coast :: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd April  2011





Beyond avant-rock

While we are waiting for their second album, the visit by Battles is excellent news for all lovers of the unconventional. The label “experimental rock” completely fails to do them justice, but it is certainly what comes closest to the texture of the New York trio's intertwined riffs and solid rhythms. Their constant structural experimentation, which is at times abstract but always anchored in a heavy pop commitment, makes Ian Williams, Dave Konopka and John Stanier one of the best examples of today's avant-rock: energetic, improvises, full of action and the jazz spirit.





Jazz cosmology

Flying Lotus returns with a concert in band format to present his latest album for Warp, "Cosmogramma." Steven Ellison has immersed himself in avant-garde jazz to create something more than an album, an intimate, cosmic and intricate piece which leaves listeners with no alternative but to allow themselves to be carried away and engrossed. FlyLo (as his fans call him) has gone one step further in the fusion of languages which he has mastered since he was a child (his great-aunt was Alice Coltrane, no less) and he has opened the door to a completely personal parallel universe, in which jazz, psychedelia, old school hip-hop and bleeps fit together snugly side by side.



KODE9 (Hyperdub/UK)


Sonic Warfare

Although many would describe it as dubstep, this London-based Scot prefers to call it hyperdub. Whatever you call it, the Kode9 sound is difficult to pigeonhole and the only constant feature is the presence of the subbasses that are the cornerstone of all his productions. After having produced remixes for artists like Lee Scratch Perry, the Junior Boys and Dabrye feat. MF. Doom, and with his explosive book “Sonic Warfare” still hot off the presses, Steve Goodman is cooking up a new album with Spaceape, the unusual vocalist who gives a Martian finishing touch to his creations.





Wild Style

Japan's DJ Krush cuts up vinyl as if it was butter, bringing together pieces of jazz, soul and natural sounds in his compact weft of trademark instrumental and atmospheric hip-hop. A few months ago, as the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of his career, one of the most robust in Asian hip-hop, Hideaki Ishi announced a new studio project. His tenth album, ending the silence since 2004's “Jaku,” is one of the most eagerly-awaited of the season, and this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy his Wild Style live and direct.





Ambient pop you can see and feel

After a long silence, the group led by Mark Clifford, one of the standard bearers at the point of convergence between pop and electronica in the 1990s, is back as a quartet to present its return to the Warp catalogue - its album since 1996! The years have passed, but the band (which includes Shigeru Ishihara, alias DJ Scotch Egg) continues with its in depth examination of dark landscapes, over which it flies by means of the angelic voice of Sarah Peacock. Ambient, mysterious and melancholic pop, just as you remember it.





Art on the decks

Following the trail blazed by DJ Krush but taking his own short cuts, DJ Baku is the most obvious heir to the legacy of the Japanese turntablism legend. He was behind the decks when he was 16 years old. The first fruits of his hobby were a series of mix-tapes, now a much sought-after collector's item, on his own label, Dis-Defense Disc. However, the definitive shot in the arm for his career came with the documentary on the underground hip-hop scene "Kaikoo DVD," which made his completely fresh and daring style truly famous. A true driving force behind the Japanese scene, he has also worked with numerous local MCs and rappers on the LPs "Spin Heddz", "Dharma Dance" and “The 12JAPS”. The most recent surprise in his career has just happened with his new album, “D.E.F.,” released under the name of DJ Baku Hybrid Dharma, on which he applies his immense box of tricks to a sonic rock palette.



DJ SCOTCH EGG (Load Records/JP)


8-bit gabber

In the territory where the visceral energy of punk and gabber collide with chiptune sounds and the most outrageous Japanese humour, Shigeru Ishihara is the king. He is an assault on the senses in the form of hilarious GameBoy melodies over hyperaccelerated low resolution drums.





A journey to the heart of Shibuya

After four years reinventing the imagination of Kraftwerk and YMO on Denki Groove, Yoshinori Sunahara finally embarked on his solo career in 2005, and combines it with his work as a programmer and DJ in the heart of Shibuya. Yoshinori has carefully measured out the dosage of his work in order to prioritise quality over quantity. A lover of funk, bossa nova and vintage sounds, he has made his obsession with flying into something more than a metaphor both in his sessions and his many albums. He will be serving us a taster while we are waiting for his new LP, currently in production, which the soundtrack to “No Boys, No Cry."