SonarSound Tokyo 2011 Statement
Sónar 2011 | 15.03.2011

Since we heard the first news about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in north-eastern Japan on Friday, 11th March, at Sonar we have been in permanent contact with our Japanese partners and friends to ascertain the true extent of the situation as it has developed. 

We hope that the 4th SonarSound Tokyo, scheduled for 2th and 3th April, will go ahead as planned, although at present it is very difficult to be sure about what will be possible in the near future. In Tokyo and Barcelona, we will be reviewing the situation surrounding this terrible tragedy on an ongoing basis, and will announce any news in future press releases.

Those of us at Sonar would like to share with the artistic and musical community our deepest feelings and solidarity towards those affected by the tragedy, and we would like to express our admiration and respect for the Japanese people's strength of character and courage in the face of this terrible situation.