Sonar is up for auction with 2 extraordinary passes
Sónar 2011 | 27.04.2011

DJ PASS. Buy your ticket to fame

Is performing at Sonar your dream? Now you can achieve it with DJ PASS. This is a unique and unrepeatable offer enabling you to buy a 50-minute slot in the booth of the new SonarCar stage, at Sonar by Night (Barcelona) and perform in front of thousands of people. Prepare your set, visit ebay from Monday 2nd May at 4pm onwards and start bidding. SonarCar is waiting for you.

Opening bid price: 1€ - BID CLOSED

DJ PASS includes:
1 50-minute DJ set on the SonarCar stage on Friday 17th June at Sonar Barcelona + 1 festival accreditation.

EGO PASS. Buy your 20 seconds of glory

Do you have something to say to more than 15,000 people? All the screens on the SonarClub Stage on Friday 17th June at Sonar Galicia and Saturday 18th June at Sonar Barcelona can be yours for 20 seconds. Record your message and we will project it after the headlining concert. Visit ebay from Monday 9th May onwards and start bidding for your 20 seconds of glory.

Opening bid price for Sonar Barcelona: 1€ - BID NOW
Sonar Barcelona Ego Pass Auction for Saturday 18th June from 16th May onwards.

Opening bid price for Sonar Galicia: 1€ - BID CLOSED
Sonar Galicia Ego Pass Auction for Friday 17th June from 9th May onwards.

EGO PASS includes: projection of a 20-second video with your message after the headlining show on the SonarClub Stage + 1 accreditation for the festival.

*Offers only available to natural persons. Companies and brands may not participate.